09 Feb 2024


An authentic digital representation of the creative ecology and Toi Maori that currently exists in Te Tairāwhiti.

TIKITOI is an immersive experience, where you can visit galleries through Te Tairāwhiti through a single portal and delve deeper into each gallery through a virtual tour.

Nau Mai!




Our Logo

“Tiki” symbolizes the primal and the first human form, the “who we are”.

“Toi” carries the idea of creativity, artistry and culture

Together “TIKITOI” captures the concept of gathering and celebrating vibrantly our creative abundance.


Our Partners

🟢 Ministry of Culture and Heritage

🟢 HOEA! Gallery

🟢 Toihoukura School of Maori Visual Arts

🟢 Maia Gallery

🟢 He Rau Aroha Gallery

🟢 Toi Ake

🟢 Tairāwhiti Museum

Image credit: Designer: Kahurangi Unasa Su

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