Pīpī Paopao

Metro Māori Productions Ltd & PANNZ


09 - 12 Oct 2022


Koha entry


He Rau Aroha, 26 Peel Street
26 Peel Street

Ka tangi te Tītī, ka tangi te Kākā, ka tangi hoki ko ēnei Pīpī Paopao! Tihei māuri ora!

Pīpī Paopao is a performance for tamariki aged three to five years old – and their adults – which adopts the unique characteristics of our Manu Rangatira (noble birdlife) through waiata and play.

Pīpī Paopao continues the Māori traditions of using proverbs and metaphors of the natural world to teach and prepare our own little hatchlings; so they too may flourish and fly into a world of their own. They may be the kind who soar through the towering trees, or sit quietly in a shady grove – either way, this piece of theatre-through-song is as interactive as you’d like it to be.

So whether you’re fluent in Te Reo Māōri or your journey is only beginning, come and explore the beauty of a language that echoes the sounds of Te Taiao (nature).

The Tītī chatters, the Kākā cackles, and the Kererū coos – which Manu are you?

Register your tamariki for a performance in Tūranga-nui-a-kiwa/Gisborne or in Uawa/Tolaga Bay now!


  • Acknowledgements: Made with the support of Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa.
Image credit: Artwork: Ariki Arts, Photography: LK Creative

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