14 Oct 2021


6:00 pm - 9:45 pm


Koha at the door, please order tickets to manage capacity at the venue*


Public Trust Building, 40 Childers Road
40 Childers Road, Gisborne

NOise VACANCY is a conceptual sound art project by Tairāwhiti artists and musicians, curated by a team of three diverse creatives Nikki O’Connor, Lina Marsh and Katy Wallace. 

The growing number of vacant spaces in contrast to lack of housing in our city is evidence of shifting economic and social patterns. Local artists from different arts disciplines, generations and cultures create site-specific sound-based installations. The body of work welcomes us to engage in dialogue about past, present and potential.

NOise VACANCY invites you to wander through a series of creative installations, to experience the artists’ responses to what they have heard, smelt, seen and dreamt of within spaces that have been left unused and empty for a long time.   

Due to venue capacity entry will be staggered. Please book a ticket for your desired time slot. Last session 9pm.

A Te Tairāwhiti Arts Festival exclusive.

  • @noisevacancy

  • Acknowledgements: Creative New Zealand and Spade Oak Wines Gizzy Local Trust Tairāwhiti Wayne Crosby Tom Teutenberg
  • Additional Information: A Tairāwhiti Arts Festival exclusive and world premiere Warning strobe light effects and low light, take secure footwear and care while moving through spaces @noisevacancy

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